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          With so many choices available to travellers, there’s a greater need than ever to convert those travellers into guests before your competition does.

          Developed specifically for hotels to enjoy captivating web designs and free hosting, SiteMinder’s smart and simple hotel website design solution, Canvas:

          Attracts travellers to your website – and keeps them there, by letting your individual property shine

          Integrates seamlessly with our online booking engine to drive direct bookings

          Is so intuitive, you don’t need to be a design or IT expert to create and manage your pages.

          Create your hotel website and keep it up to date in no time

          Forego the cost and effort involved in using a web developer and create your hotel website yourself, using easy-to-use templates that do all the initial work for you

          Make real-time updates to your content, photos and promotions – anytime – without any need for technical expertise

          Enjoy having full ownership and control of a hotel marketing channel – with the option of a free SiteMinder domain for peace of mind to test your designs and messages

          Templates are optimised for mobile and tablets

          Turn curious browsers into guests with a beautiful and engaging shopfront for your property

          Mobile web responsive templates

          Create trust and loyalty among potential guests through a website that combines the best in hotel e-commerce with stunning design to maximise your conversions

          Use purpose-built, clutter-free templates that are proven to lower abandonment rates and make sure travellers find what they’re looking for

          Market your property the way you want to and show every visitor why they should absolutely book with you

          Make your website your most profitable sales channel

          Integrate our online booking engine, TheBookingButton, to:

          Enable direct bookings that are instant and commission-free

          Personalise the guest relationship at every stage of the customer journey – pre-, during and post-stay

          Provide a seamless and uninterrupted booking experience for travellers, with a look and feel that’s consistent with Canvas from start to finish.

          Learn how to enable reservations through your hotel website
          Reservations on your website

          Be seen where your guests are looking

          Mobile responsive templates

          Enhance your Google ranking with a secure and SEO-friendly website that allows you to compete with third-party booking sites and meets Google’s HTTPS requirements

          Provide an enjoyable online experience for guests on their mobile, with a fully-responsive hotel website that ticks the mobile-first checkbox for Google

          Extend your international reach by giving travellers the option to view your website in more than 20 different languages

          Depend on trusted hotel industry experts to carry the heavy lifting for you

          Be comforted knowing we’re working in the background to keep your website up to date – so, even as technology changes, you never have to

          Enjoy free website hosting plus unlimited bandwidth for optimal website traffic – for quick go-live, choose the option of a free SiteMinder domain

          Create as many custom pages as you need to showcase all your property has to offer, from your rooms and amenities, to local events and attractions

          Classic beauty web design template

          Explore beautiful hotel website designs

          • “It’s been less than a year since we launched our brand website with SiteMinder and, overall, there’s been a 15% increase in website traffic, with 77% comprised of new visitors. This has led to a 20% increase in revenue from direct bookings.”

            Rays Taganas, Golden Phoenix Hotel

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