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          Tired of missing out on revenue because of pricing and an online marketing strategy that’s based on guesswork?

          Our hotel business intelligence solution, Prophet, provides the knowledge you need to make smarter, more informed decisions about your room rates and distribution channels. Arm yourself with clean and actionable data to:

          Optimise pricing

          Optimise your pricing with all-day visibility of local supply and demand, and real-time alerts

          Make your prices competitive

          Drive direct bookings by achieving rate parity across all your sales channels

          Increase you hotel performance

          Enhance your market positioning and hotel business performance.

          Get started

          Stay on top of your competitor set using a single dashboard

          Say goodbye to monitoring individual competitors manually, and compare your room rates with up to 10 of your competitors’ in one view

          Set your best available rates against your competitors’, based on length of stay, and increase your chances of being booked

          Know the pricing within your local market during peak and low seasons, up to one year in advance

          Competitor hotel room pricing

          Turn big data into meaningful insights, any time you need

          Always have the latest information at your fingertips, with unlimited rate shopping on demand

          Have data that’s succinct and digestible, so you no longer have to feel defeated by endless spreadsheets

          Export reports with one click

          Hotel competitive inteliigence wherever you need it

          Have full control in a dynamic and unpredictable market

          Create rate strategy rules, so you can set and forget key information and minimise the impact of market fluctuations on your pricing

          Receive instant alerts when local conditions impact your preset rules, and take immediate action from your desktop or mobile

          Stay ahead with analysis of how your hotel is performing online

          Drive direct bookings with rate parity

          Give price-sensitive travellers no extra reason to book your rooms via OTAs, by making sure your rates aren’t ever higher on your own hotel website

          View alerts when rate parity has been broken, and take immediate action to prevent any losses in revenue

          Avoid paying commission fees to third parties unnecessarily

          Get competitor information for your hotel easily
          • “Being a property of nearly 90 rooms, we find that even half a dozen rooms moving on any single date can result in major changes to occupancy percentage, and ultimately result in lots of changes to how we manage our revenue overall. So, speedy and visually easy-to-read data is vital – and SiteMinder provides that to us. It's definitely made comp set rate analysis easier and quicker.”

            Quest Apartment Hotels

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